Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring break has gone by way too fast! As I think of upcoming events and assignments my mind starts to go crazy. I had a great time with friends on a short trip to Ruidoso, NM. It was awesome to get away and be a little further away from the reality of Arlington. I was in awe of God's amazing creation being in the mountains, making random hiking trails of our own, and playing in the beautiful White Sands National Park. My friend Kendra and I were taking about how it seems that when we are in beautiful places like that we tend to be able to focus more on praising God. Now that im back home and reality is sinking back in, it's starting to be a struggle again to focus on my creator. As I looked down and see the tattoo on my arm, I'm reminded once again oh the aha moment. How big and gracious God really is! How unfair is it to my gracious and loving God for me not to love him with ALL my heart, ALL my soul, and ALL my strength?! It's unfathomable that God loves me even more than that! He loves me with all his Umph!!! It's been difficult for me the past week to press into Him and make my life mimic that of Christ. Genesis 1:26 says Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness..." I want that!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


So... I've decided once again to try and blog. Its been quite a while!

As always, I struggle with the boy factor, except for this period in my life its not about always having someone there its mainly that there has been no one for two years! In this long period of time I've learned so much from being a young single girl. I've learned that I don't need anyone but God to fill me. But as time goes on I still feel that there is that one thing missing. I keep asking God when? Where? Who? How about now? In my own effort to try and satifsy myself I curiously joined eHarmony. I've been on a few dates, most that have turned out to be not so good. I find myself coming home after a date thinking "Really?!?, this is so stupid!" I was encouraged by my best friend Stephanie to tell about one date in particular so here goes......

I had been talking with a guy, I'll call him Sam, for a week or so. He finally asked me out on a "date" to "hang out". I let him pick me up at 5:30. 5:30 rolls around and I get a text message. Its Sam: "Hey, I'm out front". Well, I waited several minutes and he never came to the door. So, I walk outside and he is sitting in the car. A real gentleman would have atleast come to the door right! To top that off, he never got out of the car! He leaned over and unlocked the door for me to get in. I was thinking this is so akward! We go to dinner at TGIFridays and the entire time he talks about his high school and people he knows that are still in high school. Then he goes on a tangent about how he isn't in debt and he never went to parties. Ummm... wait a minute...I dont want to talk about financial statuses on the first date. I finally realized why we had come to TGIFriday's. He not only had a coupon but it was on an empty chip bag. I wondered why he brought a chip bag. I thought maybe he wanted to eat chips with his dinner. He tried to give the waiter this chip bag every chance he got. (somewhat embarassing). Oh yes, in the mean time my brother calls and asks who's the guy I'm with. He teases me saying he is on the other side of the restraunt and makes me really nervous and I thought "Oh gosh, he's going to see me with him." We finish dinner, get to go boxes and then head out. We get to the front door of the restraunt and he throws his food up in the air and it goes everywhere! Yet again, another embarassing moment for me, and him I'm sure. We go to a movie and at the end we are walking down the stairs and he tries to hold my arm to help me down the stairs. From the theater out through the mall and all the way to the end of the parking lot he walks with his arm around me. I'm not really feelin' it. He seemed very young and immature so, to say the least, I felt like a pedifile walking around with him. I hope he wasn't really in high school. This date was a no go. Poor guy. Poor me. I feel like dating is ridiculous!~

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Grace in the midst...

Lately I've struggle with wanting to know EXACTLY what God wants me to do. I know He wants me to do this but what if I'm not comfortable? Scared? Intimidated? I avoided prayer for a while because I knew He would tug on that string again. I've finally had to have the confrontation. I'm in a very prime time in my life with my maturity and spiritually. Its time I do something about it.

In the past month or so, in the midst of trying to stay on top of my school stuff, I've been breaking apart the book of Ruth. If you haven't read it, you really should. Its a great book! There are several things that have caught my attention as I take it verse by verse. I know this might sound like I'm writing for a literature class but this is what I've gather so far; God has grace and mercy on us in the midst of our easiest and most difficult situations. Ruth was a Moabite woman who married a man that was orginally from Bethlehem. Most moabite women were pretty much stereotyped as skanks. Ruth traveled to Bethlehem with her mother-in-law, Naomi after her husband and father-in-law had died. This part gets me... Ruth was a foreigner to Bethlehem. It was probably a culture shock to her. After Naomi and Ruth got to Bethlehem, things pretty much fell in place for them. They went without a home and they were genuinely welcomed by the people in Bethlehem. Naomi, especially, was down in the dumps, she had lost two sons and her husband. It was so bad she told the people to call her Mara, which literally means bitter. She told them that God had afflicted her. Can you imagine the emotion she was going through? Even through all of this God had mercy and grace on her and Ruth. I looked up the meaning of grace and was moved by it. Grace: "the freely given, unmerited favor and love of god." Mercy: "compassionate or kindly forbearance shown toward an offender, an enemy, or other person in one's power; compassion, pity, or benevolence".

At all times, God shows his freely given, unmerited favor and compassionate forebearance towards us even when we have afflicted him. This is mind boggling in itself.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Alot of times I wonder what other people in the church are going through and what their walk with Christ is like. This past Sunday evening, I had a chance to interact, conversate, discuss and pray with a few of the elders in the church. Its amazing how much we can learn from each other. I truly want to know their hearts desires and struggles. I expressed to them how I need discipling and through that they could learn about me also. I was surpised to hear from them that they want to how "we younger people" work. Its crazy how two generations can be completely different.

On another note, I started school on Monday and I think so far I have done more reading from a text book than I have done in quite a while. I feel like my brain in stuttering a bit. Please be in prayer for me as I literally work though school. I'm taking 12 hours this semester plus 25 hours of work. Pray that I am able to manage my time properly.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Believe

As I look back and read my previous blogs (yes, I know its been over a year and a half since I blogged) I can see what a change I have made in my life. I was reading the old posts and praising God for never leaving my side. I have come a long, long, long way from where I was spiritually and emotionally.

In the past year and a half I have overcome enourmous obstacles that I could never have gotten through if it wasn't for my true friends, family and Jesus. I was at the low of lows. Spritually, I had almost denied Jesus and was ashamed of calling myself a christian. I thought I could get through anything on my own because of course I had control of everything. Right?! WRONG!!!! My non spiritual state and bottled up crazy emotions had led me to a life of bitterness, pain, hurt, resentment and hatred. I tried to handle it all on my own which ultimately led me to become and alcoholic at the age of 22 (now almost 24). At the time, I didn't realize what I was doing to myself and my family. I am so incredibly grateful to have a family like I do. Even though I was putting them through my rollercoaster they loved me.

In December of 2009, I had a major meltdown. I was on the way home from a friends wedding, with my amazing sister-in-law, and finally opened up to her about what was going on in my life. If it wasn't for her loving, caring and trustworthy spirit, I would never had been able to ask for help. Asking for help was the hardest thing I have ever done. I was in way to deep to even try pulling myself out. With her and a friends help and resources I was able to recieve remarkable help. At this time, I will have been a recovering alcoholic for 8 months. I struggled for a long time with the shame I brought on myself and the underlying emotional problems I had. I have finally been able to endure through the process of dealing with my emotions and my alcohol problems. I am 8 months sober!

God can and will still use me to do His work in His kingdom! I have committed myself to seeking and serving the Lord with all my heart. I have come so far from where I was and still have further to go in my journey of being recovered and seeking the Lord. I have an amazing family and amazing friends that love and care for me more than I can imagine. When I thought God was going to throw me away he reminded me that he will never leave nor forsake me. He sacrificed His Son on that dreadful cross just so I could screw up time and time again and still have a place at His right hand. I am constantly amazed at the work Christ is doing in my life and in others.

Please do not think I posted this for others to have pity on me and for some to tell me its ok. I don't want your pity. I do want your prayers. I do want to use my life as a testimony for Christ. Please help me fight for Christ.

I will be using my blog as a place for me to put my thoughts as I wrestle through trying to understand what God has for me to learn.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

AHHH Update!

Sorry about the AHHH with no blog to follow. I know its been forever! So I was in Colorado snowboarding and I was trying to update on my phone but it wouldn't let me post anything else and i couldn't take it off. But, I was so incredibly sore that i could barely move!!! I had so much fun though!

Saturday, January 10, 2009